The Greater Area

    Our hotel is ideally situated for daily excursions to the surrounding area and beyond. You will have a convenient base from which you will get to know the prefecture of Thesprotia and the region of Epirus.

    Below, we present some places worth visiting. The hotel staff can supply you with all necessary information and guide you with valuable advice for your excursions.


    You can explore the beach on foot but you can also explore it on horseback, riding on and off-road.

    Places in Perdika, worth visiting:

    » The Folk Museum in the central square, facing the Town Hall and the Cultural Center
    » The St. Athanasios monastery
    » Perdika’s Recreation Park
    » The rest of Perdika’s beaches

    A nearby destination is beautiful Sivota and their beaches.

    Acheron River is regarded as the river of myths and legend, over which, according to Greek Mythology, Charon ferried the newly dead souls across into Hades. You can enjoy trekking by the side of (and occasionally within) the Acheron river. Rafting and horseback riding is also available. From there you can also walk through the mountain trails to heroic Souli.

    Kalamas River is at a distance of about 40Km. You can reach it driving on the new motorway from Igoumenitsa to Sagiada. This marvelous wetland is a popular destination for thousands of birds.